Litec EXE XC DL4 – Linkable 4 channel motor controller

EXE DT – XC DL4 – Linkable 4 channel controller
Control unit DL4 belong to the linkable line of Direct Control controller.

Tehnical info
Power supply: 380/400 VAC 50 Hz
Power sockets: 400 VAC 16 A 6H 3P+E
Power plug: 400 VAC 32 A 6H 3P+N+E with mechanical phase inverter
Main thermal-magnetic residual current circuit breaker.
Control circuit thermal-magnetic circuit breaker.
Voltage ON LED indicator.
3 position running switch
GO Button
Emergency stop mushroom button
XLR 5-pole link OUT connector
XLR 3 pole link IN connector
May be used with external STOP and GO push button panel
Direct – Remote mode selector
Indivisual motor cut-outs with indipendent adjustment 

Litec EXE XC-DL4 – tehnički podaci

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