About us

Driven by desire to offer Croatian companies the services of lighting and special effects at the highest standards and after years of studying the techniques of this kind in the country and abroad, Dipl. Ing. Hrvoje Šimić has founded Prolight in Zagreb in 2000. In the beginning Prolight worked as a trade, but after several years of business development a company under the same name was registered.

From the pioneers at their craft in Croatia, Prolight employees have grown into experts that help bring even the most demanding ideas into reality for their clients. Their dream was to specialize in the lighting trade to the tiniest of details. By continuously training and educating themselves in Croatia and abroad they have achieved their goal. By gaining such knowledge they have the ability to design lighting for every manner of events – from the glamorous auto shows and avant-garde fashion shows to spectacular concerts and special projects like grandiose festival openings and national holiday celebrations. 

Second requirement with which Prolight guarantees its customers top quality service is the right equipment. Every piece of equipment that Prolight spent years acquiring was selected by the highest touring standards. Thanks to such technology even the biggest events can shine in full brilliance. But let’s not forget the small events. News conferences, banquets, clubbing and house parties – are some of the events that will, given the proper lighting, shine properly. 
Prolight experts are always at event managers’ disposal because they know what equipment they’ve got and what can be done with it. It is from those conversations that the amazing ideas for the prepared event are born. It is not uncommon to see such events being showered with awards. Prolight already boasts a number of awards and honours received for the work in Croatia and abroad.

Among the numerous events usually done are promotions, presentations, conferences, exhibitions and fairs, fashion shows, television broadcasts, concerts and parties, but special challenge bring the biggest events into which Prolight experts can pour all of their knowledge and experience.

In creating the unforgettable visual experiences Prolight recommends lighting and special effects such as low fog, artificial snow, soap bubbles and the magnificent laser show. After years of working with laser systems Prolight has decided to create some of their own laser products. Laser labyrinth and laser harp have thrilled even the foreign experts.

Besides already mentioned Prolight offers its clients the services of set design, and audio and video equipment rental. Prolight is an authorized dealer world famous lighting, special effects and laser equipment manufacturers.

Osim dobrog društva i glazbe, svaki event treba i dobru rasvjetu. Dobro promišljena i postavljena rasvjeta zaokružuje cijelu priču, potiče na dobro raspoloženje te stvara atmosferu za pamćenje.