Martin MAC 2000 Profile

MAC 2000 Profile II™ Specifications
The MAC 2000 Profile is a high performance luminaire with two rotating gobo wheels, full CMY color mixing, effect wheel and a combined color and gobo wheel.


1200 W short arc discharge lamp
CMY color mixing system
Combined 7 position color/gobo wheel plus open
Variable CTC
Motorized zoom and focus
Mechanical dimming
Optional beam expander
2 x 5 indexable rotating gobos plus open
Variable frost, 3-facet prism
Motorized iris
Strobe effect 2 – 10 Hz, pulse effects, instant open and blackout
Pan and tilt range of 540°/267°


Length: 408 mm
Width: 490 mm
Height: 743 mm
Weight: 45 kg
Maximum power: 1470W, 7,6 A @ 230V

Martin MAC 2000 series

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