Media spinner

The Media Spinner is a moving-base for a MultiMedia Projector or LCD TV. You can adjust a maximum of 540° pan movement with one DMX channel. Very suitable for trendy venues, exhibition or rental.

Connectors: Video, Audio, DMX, power
Any kind of device that requires rotation can be connected: ventilators, snow machines, fog machines, various lighting effects, flags or banners, floral arrangements, etc…

Indoor use
Voltage: AC 220-240V-50 Hz
Power: 50W
Power connector: Schuko
Video connector: RCA
DMX connector: 3 pole XLR male, female
DMX Channels: 4
Base Main: 20 mm Glass 5A 250V Fast Blow
Platform: 20 mm Glass 10A 250V Fast Blow
Dimensions: 395 x 385 x 255 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 17,2 kg
Max. Load: 50 kg

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