Reflector PAR 64 long

The PAR64 (or Par Can) is one of the most common and most useful lighting fixtures used today, for stage, studio and entertainment lighting applications. 
The fixture is lightweight and simple in design and construction. It is also economical to manufacture and easy to maintain. 
The fixture uses one of several different incandescent PAR lamps to provide an efficient spotlighting package. Both 120 and 240 volt versions exist, making the PAR64 a truly universal luminaire available and used throughout the world. 
For professional entertainment lighting applications it is usually the largest of the PAR lamps, the 1000 watt PAR64, that is used almost exclusively.

Typical Specification: 
Luminaire type: PAR64 spotlight, 
Standard finishes: Steel (black) or natural aluminum or polished chrome 
Accessories: C-clamp, color frame (10″ x 10″), safety cable and wire mesh screen 
Notes: Lamp rotates from rear of unit 
Lamp: PAR64-1000 – vnsp, nsp, mfl or vwfl
Size: 419*254*254mm

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