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You want to enter in a world of light show and work on production of magnificent laser show?  Also, want to use the world’s best hardware and software for light and laser show?

Thanks to successful business cooperation with the world’s most respected producers, Prolight has gained status of general representative for some of the biggest names in the world of light show and lasers.

Contact us with confidence and work with the best equipment on market.

Kvant laseri

Kvant company was established in 1995 and ever since been continuously developing and manufacturing professional laser display system for the entertainment sector. For theirs products we can say that they are the best price / quality ratio which can be achieved on laser display system market.

Thousands of satisfied customers are the proof that we are talking about a trusted company with strong ethical beliefs. Also, they received many prestigious ILDA awards.That’s way they are among the most significant suppliers of the laser display industry.

Thanks to the engagement in the laser show world, Prolight has become the exclusive representative for Kvant laser systems in Croatia and with us you can get all the information you need about Kvant products.

Pangolin laser show software

Since 1986 Pangolin has been the driving force behind the laser entertainment industry. Many patents as well as quality awards are the evidence of that.

Prolight is using Pangolin software control and is also its authorized representative for Croatia. Beyond is the world’s leading laser and multimedia design software and Prolight is used his ultimate version – Ultimate. Also, there is a Quickshow program that is high user friendly for users who are beginners in the world of lasers. That’s why Quickshow is the most widely used laser design software for creating stunning laser shows.

If you want to use the best laser show software for making your laser show, contact us for more informations.

MDG – dim mašine

MDG is Canadian manufacturer which is more than three decades leading brand of atmospheric effects, which are needed to emphasize light effects. Theirs fog, haze and low fog generators are known for their quality, reliability, durability and quietness.

Prolight is general representative for MDG in Croatia and thanks to that is part of worldwide network of MDG partners.

Contact us with confidence and use only the best for your events.

Vello light rasvjeta

Vello light is Chinese manufacturer of professional lighting with high power lighting fixtures. All of theirs products are engineered under the standard of ISO9001, CE, RoHS & CQC.

Despite the established belief that Chinese products are of low quality, this company is highly valued by business partners due the continuous investment in design, innovation and quality of its products.

Because of all this, Prolight has selected this company as one of the major LED lighting suppliers.

Laser harp controller

Prolight Laser Harp Controller is the latest and greatest product from Prolight that will turn your laser projector into a powerful frameless full color laser harp. Laser harp is a trademarked product from Prolight. In 2011, Prolight Laser Harp Controller won an ILDA Fenning Award for Technical Achievement wich makes this Laser Harp the only one in the World to receive such recognition from the leading laser companies association – ILDA.

Prolight Laser Harp controller creates a one-of-a-kind, virtual light harp that employs multi-colored laser beams instead of strings. Just like a real instrument, when you play it, by blocking laser beams, it makes sounds. Its great advantages are its adaptability and versatility. It can be programmed to trigger any type of audio or video event, any visual image, sound or music, special effect or even pyrotechnics. Combined with Pangolin Quickshow or Pangolin Beyond software, it can be used to play selected laser show effects by blocking laser beams. Laser harp has a standard input provided by ILDA, which can be connected to any classical laser projector. The MIDI output is used to release the sound so the harp is easily connected to the computer or musical keyboard. MIDI allows the musician to use the laser harp to play the desired melody with the sounds he has chosen.

Order your laser harp and see the unique laser experience that will leave you breathless.

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