Litec LiteCAD software

Litecad is a CAD in the literal meaning of the word, i.e. a Computer Aided Design system, but it is ultimately different from all other CADs on the market.
Litecad is a user-friendly design program specifically written for managing Litec products. Litecad was conceived to meet the needs of technicians who work in the entertainment business, in theatres, in TV studios, in trade fairs and everywhere LITEC trusses are used.

With this software, designers are quickly able to put together the structure they have in mind and propose it to their clients. Furthermore, it instantly draws up a list of the components needed, with technical data, such as weight and space occupied. All this without needing any specialist knowledge of the CAD world.

Key Points
User-friendly design program written for managing Litec products.
Design of complex structures and shapes with optional instantaneous required component list.

No knowledge of CAD needed
Program written to run on MS Windows
The program allows you to design structures using products, inserted using simple “drag & drop” operations on the elements available
When used in a network with other Litecad users, the program is capable of recognising the first number available, as long as the orders are saved in a shared directory.
Used to insert text between two selected points, dimension the drawing and save a .jpg image of the drawing displayed in the graphic area
Can import 3DS designs and transmit the Litecad project to Autocad Full, which must be installed in the PC.
You can

  • save the component list in MS Excel format
  • print exploded views of the structures designed
  • print side, front and plan views
  • print perspective views.

Minimum system requirements
Pentium III 1000 MHz processor
516 MB RAM
Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768
Operating System: MS Windows 98 – 2000, XP or Vista
Free space on hard disk: 1.4GB

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