Laser harp

Prolight Laser Harp Controller is the latest and greatest product from Prolight that will turn your laser projector into a powerful frameless full color laser harp. Meet the world’s largest harp… Laser harp is a trademarked product from Prolight. It is a virtual light harp of impressive size that employs full color laser beams instead of strings. Just like a real instrument, when you play it, by interrupting laser beams, it makes sounds. Great advantage of such system is its adaptability. It can be programmed to play any sound according to client’s wish. The hardware has a classic ILDA connector that can be connected to any laser projector. MIDI output is used for playing sounds which enables it to be easily connected to a PC or a musical keyboard. Musicians can then play any kind of music on the laser harp with the sounds they personally selected.

A grand applause followed by ovations is guaranteed.

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