CITC Hurricane II fan

Blow fog, haze, snow, wind to 46 m! 
Tilt 300 degrees, swivel 360 degrees. 
Three speeds; three seconds to top speed. 
Blow massive volumes of air without motor hum, the fan blade is 19.0 inches. 
Continuous output without overheating. 
Lightweight, portable, and economical. 
The Hurricane II is a full hp (.75 kw) and can blow to 46m. 
Both can now be on/off controlled with out Universal DMX. 
Accessories: DMX control, floor plate, C-clamp with baby spud and safety cable, road case.

Weight:19.3 kg
Size (with bracket): 45 cm x 49.5 cm x 49.5 cm
DMX: Optional Universal DMX on/off control
CFM’s: 3000/4000/5000
Wind Speed: 3 speeds to 93 km/hr
Wind Range: 3 speeds to 45.7m
Fan Outlet Opening:12.7 cm x 48 cm
Motor: 1 hp
Color: Black
Positioning: 360 degrees

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