ETC Source Four Zoom – Profile Spot

ETC Source Four Zoom Profile Spotlight, zoom ranges 15°-30° and 25°-50°
With Source Four Zoom you need only one fixture for a variety of beam angles.
Plus, ETC’s patented one-handed zoom operation makes adjustments quick, simple, and safe.
Technicians can focus with one hand and hold the ladder with the other.
And the lens-tube door provides quick and easy access when the lens assembly needs cleaning (tool-free).
But the best part is that Source Four Zoom has all the advantages of the revolutionary fixed-focus Source Four: bright, even field, cool beam, and amazing efficiency.
The patented dichroic mirror means shutters and accessories stay cool, and drop-in accessories are interchangeable with fixed-focus Source Fours.
Rated up to 750 watts, Source Four Zoom provides Source Four’s crisp optics for excellent imaging and field quality.

The Source Four Zoom spots are in black and feature 15-30° and 25-50° zoom ranges;
ultra-efficient HPL lamp; positive zoom lock;
beam angle and focus scale markings;
three-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly;
tool-free lamp adjustment; insulated rear handle;
and rugged die-cast and extruded aluminum construction.

Product Features:

15º-30º and 25º-50º field-angle ranges available
Yoke-mounted 100V to 277V auto-ranging electronic ballast
Ships with 150W ceramic metal-halide lamp
12,000 hr lamp life at 3000º K color temperature
Multi-faceted glass reflector
Positive zoom lock
Field angle and focus scale markings
Rotating barrel ± 25º
Three-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly
Easy access lens cleaning
Insulated rear handle
Rugged die-cast and extruded aluminum construction
Lamp:750W/230V (HPL 750)
Weight/Dimensions: 9.1kg, 340365749mm(15-30%); 8.6kg,

ETC Source Four Zoom 15-30
ETC Source Four Zoom 25-50

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