No tools – no trade is a saying, the meaning of which can be fully understood in such trades as professional lighting. That is, you cannot offer a first-grade service with third-grade equipment.

Prolight management can corroborate that thesis with experience. Starting out in the business, fifteen years ago, we have used medium quality equipment, but wanting to offer the best possible service for the same price to our clients, every penny earned was invested into purchasing new equipment and employee training. By purchasing equipment of the highest quality, Prolight has adhered to the highest of world touring standards, that is to say, we have chosen equipment that only the biggest of world stars use on their tours. Their lighting designers use equipment of highest quality and of highest price range as well. Prolight is the only company in Croatia that uses such equipment. This is why we have become an unavoidable associate to everyone organizing any kind of event in this part of Europe –whether it be a sporting or musical event.

To the satisfaction of our customers we offer all of the above for market value, which means that we offer top quality service backed by a team of experts and superior equipment for a price set by our competition.

Most of our fixtures carry a Martin Professional brand name. For studio lighting we use Arri lights and only the best spotlights from ETC. Architectural lighting is done with Griven brand equipment. Specifically, for architectural coloring of large venues we use Griven Kolorado, and for smaller – Griven Kaleido. Prolight is the only company in Croatia that leases MDG smoke machines. MDG are considered to be the best smoke machine manufacturers in the world and have quickly become a standard for Croatian television companies. Among others, Croatian national television, Nova TV and RTL television use them on their shows.

As the only owners of professional laser systems in Croatia, we at Prolight took special care in selecting each and every component associated with the systems. We use exclusively Kvant and Arctos laser systems, well known world-wide, and the world’s best-selling and most-used system for creating and displaying laser shows – Pangolin Laser Show Designer. Proving its worth with the above-mentioned machines, Prolight has become, in the meantime, a Croatian market sales representative for Arctos, Kvant and Pangolin systems, as well as MDG smoke machines.

The company owns special equipment that turns laser shows into unforgettable spectacles – special mirrors, motorized graphic and holographic screens and water walls. We pride ourselves with our own inventions – laser labyrinth, laser harp, and interactive laser beams. 
Prolight is known for its numerous lighting and special effects. Some of them are low fog, artificial snow and soap bubbles.

To provide our clients’ with service exactly as they want it, we have lighting fixtures for every possible kind of lighting demand. For example, just for white light we have fifteen different kinds of reflector lights.

Ideal lighting decoration for events or a good addition to television sets are LED tubes or Sunstrip Active halogen lamp effects.

For big events we offer aluminum constructions with possible aluminum roof add-on for open-air events. We have white and blue roof constructions with dimensions of 14x12m and 10x8m, respectively.

We take extra care of our equipment so that even the smallest piece looks respectable and fully in the service of the event for which it is used.

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