Prolight was the first company in Croatia that offered wedding lighting to the newly-weds. Having the right equipment and rich experience in lighting numerous events, we have decided, ten years ago to put forth, before the newly-weds, everything that the organizers of the most glamorous weddings of today use. As a result, many Croatian weddings had a dash of Hollywood glamour about them.

Dance floor lights

Today, wedding organizers advise their clients to begin with dance floor lighting when deciding on wedding lighting. Mainly because dynamic light movements invite the guests to join the newly-weds on the dance floor and during the rest of the evening they keep up the good mood. Lighting, usually scanners and moving heads, are operated by a light jockey – one of Prolight’s employees with special training and education. He creates a unique lighting choreography for every song – famous dance hits will have a fast and colorful movement while gentle notes will be followed by slow-moving darker tones. Such approach has convinced some of the old-fashioned wedding guests that light shows weren’t exclusively reserved for nightclubs. Good lighting professionals control the light, not the other way around.

Prolight experts, as we’ve mentioned before, are the pioneers of wedding lighting. At the very beginning they have set certain standards which most of the today’s competition haven’t yet reached. In the meantime they have set new standards and kept themselves above even the best of copycats and imitators. And at the same time offer their top-quality services for the same price if not lower than the competition. This is why we advise newly-weds to check with the company they are hiring for wedding lighting about their equipment, if they have all the needed certificates and if they obey all the legal liabilities tied to this delicate profession.

Arhitectural Lighting

Besides dance floor lighting, most newly-weds make use of special architectural lighting as well. With their desired tones we illuminate the façade of the reception venue and at the same time we recommend illuminating the details from the surrounding environment, such as rose bushes or trees. If the wedding reception is being held in the open, our experts will suggest the ideal way to illuminate the tent and its surroundings. We can illuminate the inside of ballrooms, saloons, halls, etc as well. We can wash whole rooms with newly-weds’ favorite colors or we can accentuate room’s finer details. It is especially effective to accentuate the newly-weds’ table.

Light beam that points to newly-weds’ seating position, can be in the form of a heart with their names written across it. Its details like those that make the wedding reception unique.

Special effects

Of late, many newly-weds have decided to use special effects to accentuate special moments of the evening. To dance their first dance through a low fog covered dance floor or gently surrounded by soap bubbles. Tiny snowflakes will welcome the newly-weds into their new home and wish them a Merry Christmas and various lighting effects will prompt the newly-weds to cut the cake together or toss a bouquet.

Laser show is something truly remarkable. Those that desire a glamorous wedding will afford such a magnificent spectacle for their guests, one that will surely leave an impression.

Besides already mentioned lighting and special effects services, Prolight continuously creates new ones. For many of those novelties we have won prizes and awards at wedding fairs. Seeing as how no other lighting company has ever won a similar award, we at Prolight are extremely proud of our achievements. But, more than awards we are proud of every smile we get from the happy newly-weds whose happiness we help create every weekend.

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With Prolight, many weddings in Croatia sparkled with Hollywood glow.

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