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Prolight was the first company in Croatia that began working with laser projectors and is still today the only one that operates professional Kvant laser systems. Its experts are capable of creating all types of laser shows and implement them into all kinds of venues – from clubs and gymnasiums to stadiums and city squares.

Along with single-color, we offer full-color laser shows as well. The palette covers over 16 million colors which enables us to create color contrast ratios unsurpassed by the best film and video technologies. You are free to choose between beam shows or laser graphics but those that want to express the full extent of their creativity and innovation will decide on a combination of laser show projected onto a holographic screen or a water screen. Such a show creates wonderful 3D effects. It is particularly effective displaying company logos or brands in such way. Presenting a logotype and an appropriate message leaves a positive and long lasting effect on your customers and business partners.

Today, concerts, parties and other musical events are inconceivable without a performing laser show. Lasers will dazzle the crowd with almost unreal shapes and in the most important parts of the evening boost the excitement with laser beams that move faster than any other light-form and then round it all off by creating an overwhelming lighting tunnel or captivating shapes that move with a liquid-smooth animation style.

Laser shows can be an ideal addition to the lighting show at a wedding. Newly-weds and their guests consider it to be the highlight of the evening.

Multimedia shows are used at the most glamorous of events. They are a combination of lighting, laser shows, pyrotechnics, special effects and video projections projected onto holographic screens or water screens. Prolight is the only company in Croatia that can offer such a show with SMPTE time code synchronization. The show is an incredible audio-visual adventure.

Prolight is a member of ILDA organization (International Laser Display Association) and its employees have all the necessary permits from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Croatia and they own the Laser Safety Officer certificates, acquired by educating abroad. Owing to such expertise, Prolight team has created numerous laser shows and has won various domestic and international prizes.

Today, Prolight is in a competition with itself. Setting ever higher goals for ourselves, we put main emphasis on innovation. We have dazzled citizens of Zagreb by projecting a fifteen kilometers long laser beam from the Zagreb Fair grounds to the tower at the highest peak of Medvednica mountain. Citizens of Split were amazed by the magnificent laser show we’ve performed for them at their central pier. Our newest product – the Laser Labyrinth has been entertaining crowds in our own, as well as in other countries of the region.

Laser creates the purest form of light in the whole universe and it remains an endless source of inspiration and creativity for Prolight. We put extraordinary sharpness and kinetics of laser beams into service while creating laser shows according to the wishes and needs of our clients, laser shows they could only dream of before coming to Prolight.

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Prolight is the first company in Croatia to start working with lasers, and today it is the only one to work with professional quantum laser systems.


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