Laser labyrinth

Have you ever wanted to know how it feels to be a special agent on an undercover mission or a professional burglar? The chance is at your fingertips. But watch out not to touch it!

Prolight has created a one-of-a-kind laser labyrinth. The product, trademarked at the Office of intellectual property, is a Prolight creation in its entirety – from the idea, to software development and electronics that run the whole system. It is a game packed with adrenaline. Just like an action movie hero, you have to worm your way through a web of interlocking green laser beams. Touching or interrupting a laser beam triggers the alarm. The room is filled with flashing lights and screaming alarm sounds, just like in the heavily protected vaults. The labyrinth entrance and exit are marked with red laser beams so entry and exit are precisely marked with interrupted beams. Player hi-score list is created this way. The results are displayed on plasma screens positioned at the entrance and the exit of the labyrinth. According to the client’s desires, we can additionally arrange the area with special effects. For example, we can project logos on the sides of the labyrinth or we can play their jingle as the alarm sound.
During development stage a great deal of time was invested into implementing safety protocols. Among the many implemented protocols is the usage of low-powered lasers, precise laser-sensor calibration and respecting the strictest norms in human body protection. This means that there is absolutely no chance of a person looking directly into a laser beam.

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Prolight is the first company in Croatia to start working with lasers, and today it is the only one to work with professional quantum laser systems.


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