Graphic show

Graphic show is a laser show that displays animated graphics. Such a show is ideal for a themed animation. For example, Christmas show programmed with an appropriate music can display Christmas motifs like snow, gifts and Santa Claus.

Great advantage to this kind of laser show is that it can be projected, not only on special surfaces like graphic screens, holographic screens or water walls, but onto normal, more uneven surfaces, as well. Seeing as how laser beam is perfectly focused, laser is the only machine that can project on to surfaces like a sphere or a slanted roof. It is impossible to do such a thing with video, movie or light projection. The show is adapted to a desired surface and thanks to excellent contrast, graphic show can be projected onto even the biggest of surfaces. Projecting a building-sized company logo is an impressive sight. Magnificent impression can be rounded off by the color palette. Client can choose from a palette of 16 million 700 thousand different shades of color.

Client can decide to include a graphic show into a musical beam show. That way a laser show synchronized to music can include a graphic show that tells a story or conveys a certain message.

Prolight experts recommend ending a musical beam show with a specially animated graphic show. Several pictures, a textual message or a company logo will round off the whole show that came before it.

Laser Show light attractions

Prolight is the first company in Croatia to start working with lasers, and today it is the only one to work with professional quantum laser systems.


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