Laser mapping

Recently, a new art discipline has emerged – the art of light, which came out from the museums into streets, among people. Various objects and architecture become a great  canvas where artist from the world of lighting can show all their creativity leaving present people breathless.

Laser mapping has become one of the hottest effects in the laser show area. Simplesty, laser mapping is an emphasis, meaning drawing with laser beams on the parts of objects, buildings, cars etc., whereby architectural  features and shapes of buildings and objects are actively used. Besides using laser mapping you can add animated graphic, which can be ideal for highlighting a company logo or the main motives of a themed event.

The popularity of laser mapping continues to grow and can be seen, for example, in theme parks, as a permanent installation at hotels, at events such as car shows, concerts…

This laser effect can be synchronized with other elements that can create a multimedia show, such as video or other laser effects. Result will be spectacular attraction that will make every event unforgettable.

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Prolight is the first company in Croatia to start working with lasers, and today it is the only one to work with professional quantum laser systems.


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