Logotypes and 3D animation

Any location can be branded. This marketing syntagm gets a whole new meaning when you introduce lasers into it, specifically a whole new dimension – one with immense proportions. We can project your brand or company logo onto a distant skyscraper, a nearby mountain or a neighbouring island. Such a projection of your trademark is perfectly visible and recognizable even on a surface several hundred meters away. The impression is that much better if you use full color lasers.Same projectors are used to create 3D animation. To bring them to life, they are projected onto a water wall or specialized holographic screens. They are programmed using all three axes. By rotating it around the x, y and z axes you get the 3D effect. No other piece of lighting equipment, besides the laser, is able to achieve this effect. Because of this, the two-dimensional gobo projections suddenly feel very much outdated. When programmed 3D animations come to life on any of the specialized surfaces crowds will quickly be mesmerized and left speechless. Various flying objects, created according to client’s wishes, seem like a product of hi-tech, space-age technology.

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Laser Show light attractions

Prolight is the first company in Croatia to start working with lasers, and today it is the only one to work with professional quantum laser systems.


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