Water screen

The amazing medium of water can be confirmed by the unique addition to laser systems – a water screen. Water screen is controlled by a computer. It’s activated at certain points during the show and it enables 3D laser animation. A company logo or brand name appearing on waterfalls at the end of a music beam show can be especially appealing to potential customers.

Water screen is usually placed in front of the stage. Turned off, the audience can’t even imagine what kind of magic is in store for them. When the water hits the sprinklers, at that moment, an invisible projection surface is created through which laser beams draw out desired graphics.Prolight uses water screens with three rows of sprinklers. Such water density creates a fluid surface suitable for video projections. We offer water screens in several different dimensions. The width can vary from two to ten meters. As a result, we can create an amazing show in almost any space – big or small.

Laser Show light attractions

Prolight is the first company in Croatia to start working with lasers, and today it is the only one to work with professional quantum laser systems.


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