Music beam show

Music beam show is a laser show fully synchronized to music. It is recognizable by its laser beams and structures like fans or cones of light. To make the shapes more visible, a theatrical fog or haze is used during the show. Audience can feel like the beams are moving towards them or even touching them.

Show can be projected using only green laser light or even with full color lasers with over 16 million colors. To make the beams more visible, it is recommended to use more powerful lasers. We at Prolight use lasers from 1W to 25 Watts of power. Weaker ones are used in closed environments while the powerful ones are used in open venues, such as city squares or stadiums. On such occasions the spectacle can be enjoyed by tens of thousands of spectators.

Prolight clients can select from three kinds of shows: fully programmed show, custom ordered show, or the combination of the two. We have a list of over one hundred programmed shows. They cover all kinds of music – from classical and new age, to movie soundtracks and house music. Beams can move slower or faster, according to the client’s wishes and the mood they want to achieve. If a client wants to have his show custom made, everything is subjected to their wishes and ideas. Client selects the music, action and pictures (frames). Programming a 4-minute laser show is very complex and can take a whole month to complete. Therefore it is considered most cost-effective to use a combination of a fully programmed and custom ordered show. For example, we can play a programmed show and end it with an animation that suits the theme of the event or with an organizer’s logo. It is extremely appealing to project a 3D animation onto a water wall. Those that have seen such a show agree that it is an unparalleled light attraction.

Music beam show is especially effective if used in combination with other types of shows and special effects.

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Prolight is the first company in Croatia to start working with lasers, and today it is the only one to work with professional quantum laser systems.


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