Special effects

Are you looking to give your events a dose of drama or mystery? Give it a touch of high- or low-hanging smoke. Or if you prefer a more cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, lift the space with soap bubbles. Or surprise your guests and cool them down with a sudden flurry of snow in the middle of summer! No matter what, special effects will give you the atmosphere you’re looking for.
Every special effect is unique, and we offer:

  • high- and low-hanging smoke
  • bubbles
  • artificial snow
  • Cold Spark fountains (an effect made up of cold sparks, which look like pyrotechnics, are completely safe, and can be used indoors)
  • UV lights
  • fire effects
  • disco balls
  • logo projection

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The company prides itself in twenty years of experience in lighting and special effects implementation and realization for numerous events in Croatia and abroad.

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