Interactive installations

Interactive installations draw your guests into a luminous story, and encourage active

participation with the space they’re in. offer them the opportunity to get lost in a laser maze, or play a few notes on a laser harp. Thanks to our top-quality equipment, experience, and knowledge, we can make almost any dream you have into a reality, and create an unforgettable experience for your guests!

There are several kinds of interactive installations:

  • laser mazes
  • laser harps that are activated by sound, light, video, or special effects (the laser harp can be played by your guests, or we can organise a professional performance in collaboration with the well-known Croatian harpist Doris Karamatić and the Beat Busters organisation)
  • interactive beams (which have replaced the old-fashioned ribbon cutting, and ‘cutting’ the ribbon can also trigger another special effect, such as the lowering of a curtain, smoke, balloons, or cold spark fountains, a particular sound, video projections, or other similar effects)
  • interactive clocks (that count down the time till the start of an event, show, or New Year)

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