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Light is a source of good energy. For that reason all the best parties, wedding receptions among them, are unimaginable without dance floor lighting. To set the right mood all night, Prolight’s light jockeys create a unique lighting choreography for every song played. Famous dance hits will have a fast and colorful movement while gentle notes will be followed by slow-moving darker tones. Even though some companies use automated lighting, those run by human hands are far superior. Artwork and most delicate items always carry a label – hand made. Prolight management believes that the newly-weds deserve that kind of work and this is why the devices, usually scanners and moving heads, are always manually controlled via special consoles and programs. Just like every dance requires different kinds of movement, every song is visually portrayed in diverse shapes and colors. The result is an unforgettable fun.

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With Prolight, many weddings in Croatia sparkled with Hollywood glow.

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