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On the Wedding day even architecture deserves to shine in full brightness. For that, Prolight experts recommend special indoor and outdoor architectural and ambient lighting. Washing the façade with color is always a nice welcoming gift for the guests of the wedding reception. Regardless of the location, restaurant, hotel, castle or a family home, all of those buildings have a façade with details that can be highlighted. Architectural lighting is done with Griven devices. For taller and bigger buildings Griven Kolorado devices are used and for smaller – Griven Kaleido. Kaleido is known by its wide angle light dispersion. Because of that it can color large surfaces of low-ceiling rooms. Unlike Prolight, who is the only one in Croatia that owns these devices, the competition uses wash moving heads for the same purpose even though they cannot achieve the same effect. Because they create narrow beams of light which results in big dots on the ceiling instead of an evenly colored room. Prolight, thanks to well-thought-out lighting manages to transform modest restaurants into glamorous ball rooms. Its experts take pleasure in working in an up to the last detail perfectly decorated area. There, lighting will be in the service of highlighting those details. Architecture details, flower arrangements, newly-weds’ table can all be highlighted. Besides white light, ambient lighting fixtures can be used as well. Newly-weds can choose particular colors or a whole spectrum that will gradually wash the rooms throughout the night with selected colors. Such lighting decorations encourage guests to feel more comfortable.

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